28/04/2022 Custom-made at its finest view more
17/03/2022 Your way to the beach view more
17/02/2022 Experienced steps view more
03/02/2022 0% wires, 100% illumination view more
20/01/2022 Rethinking fender systems view more
23/12/2021 Merry Christmas! view more
11/11/2021 Coming up next... view more
14/10/2021 FLIBS is back! view more
30/09/2021 Introducing our culture view more
22/07/2021 Something special for the beach view more
24/06/2021 The noblest lightweight in its class view more
10/06/2021 A solid upgrade view more
27/05/2021 A multiflap without worries view more
15/04/2021 Spring season is swimming season view more
01/04/2021 An authentic look view more
18/03/2021 Heavy loads easily tightened view more
04/03/2021 The perfect fit for your sun awning view more
19/02/2021 Simply organised view more
21/01/2021 Our multifender on a new level view more
17/12/2020 We wish a reflective advent time view more
03/12/2020 Homemade videos for you view more
19/11/2020 Let your deck shine view more
05/11/2020 A solution for every case view more
22/10/2020 The new multipad view more
08/10/2020 Another opportunity for your multiladder view more
27/08/2020 Boat Shows during Corona Times view more
16/07/2020 Another opportunity for your multiladder view more
25/06/2020 A boarding ladder for any tide view more
04/06/2020 All information you need view more
21/05/2020 Know your way view more
07/05/2020 The lightest way to step up view more
24/04/2020 Keep yourself safe view more
26/03/2020 Every crisis will come to an end view more
12/03/2020 A unique mounting solution view more
27/02/2020 Aligning to your needs view more
30/01/2020 Your options to step up view more
16/01/2020 Meet our new crew member view more
02/01/2020 Welcome to the next decade! view more
19/12/2019 Christmas time is here! view more
05/12/2019 Meet our partners from all around the world view more
07/11/2019 Up next: METS Trade 2019 view more
24/10/2019 FLIBS 2019 is almost here view more
18/07/2019 One deck fitting, two options view more
20/06/2019 Keep you calm when the sea isn't view more
06/06/2019 Easy and reliable view more
09/05/2019 Sun Awning poles at any stage view more
25/04/2019 Shadow from any angle view more
31/01/2019 Tulip Spot Update coming soon view more
17/01/2019 2019 is here! view more
20/12/2018 Wishing you a Merry Christmas! view more
23/11/2018 Thank You! view more
08/11/2018 Up next: METSTRADE 2018 view more
25/10/2018 multiplex in Fort Lauderdale view more
11/10/2018 Our multifender at its best view more
20/09/2018 Monaco Yacht Show 2018 view more
05/07/2018 Brighten Up Your Shadow view more
21/06/2018 Multiple multimouse view more
07/06/2018 Inbox, Twinbox and Tribox view more
24/05/2018 Efficient mounting options view more
10/05/2018 A shady space saver view more
29/03/2018 Extending your security. view more
15/03/2018 Colourful Innovations view more
08/12/2017 Our Anniversary Party view more
23/11/2017 Colourful innovations view more
09/11/2017 METS Amsterdam view more
26/10/2017 FLIBS approaching view more
12/10/2017 A solid cooperation view more
28/09/2017 The easier boarding system view more
14/09/2017 Meet us view more
31/08/2017 An exquisite supporter view more
17/08/2017 Our latest cooperation view more
03/08/2017 Monaco is calling view more
20/07/2017 Precision since 30 years view more
06/07/2017 100% lighweight, 100% multiplex view more
22/06/2017 Split you multistair, cut your effort view more
08/06/2017 Providing shade, protecting you view more
19/01/2017 Good start into 2017 view more
22/12/2016 Wishing you all the best view more
08/12/2016 Our hidden champion - the multiguard view more
24/11/2016 multiplex online - our new website view more
11/10/2016 Metstrade is coming closer view more
27/10/2016 Presenting our latest Innovation view more
13/10/2016 multiplex meets Bootswerft Reiners view more
29/09/2016 A product to be proud of view more
15/09/2016 Our most exquisite lightweight view more



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