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Multiplex delivers wow effect

The Bremen-based company is equipping a yacht with a carbon bridge for the first time. Deliveries are made to the Middle East.

With this project, Multiplex is also breaking new ground. The Bremen-based manufacturer of boarding systems and think tank for custom solutions in the large yacht segment supplies a fully integrated control stand made entirely of carbon for a 38-meter yacht. Jan Reiners, CEO of Multiplex, says: „After we had already ordered awnings and a gangway for the project, this request came as a surprise. We are, of course, happy to meet such a challenge.“

The almost futuristic look of a carbon helmstand was explicitly requested by the owner to break with the traditional exterior of the yacht. Reiners: „From the outside, the yacht has the look of a dhow, which is very common in the Near and Middle East. But when guests enter the wheelhouse, the owner wants a unique wow effect.”

Based on a design by beiderbeck Designs, also from Bremen, Multiplex will supply not only the console of the helmstand, but also all wall panelling, the edging of the seat set, the steering wheel, which is richly covered with carbon, and the ceiling of the wheelhouse. The multiplex has numerous recesses behind which LEDs are inserted – the resulting pattern is reminiscent of the Arabic culture from which the client of the yacht comes.