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… Multistair – the noblest lightweight in its class

The multistair, ship-to-shore stairs, with 4mm teak covering on the carbon fibre structure is individually adapted to the specific needs of the sailing or motor yacht. The use of carbon fibre and stainless steel ensures 100% corrosion resistance. The multistair can be used for access over the side, or over the stern, directly into the cockpit. It can be swung through 90 degrees from a fully horizontal to a fully vertical position, with all steps automatically aligning in parallel with the surface of the sea. The handrail also adapts perfectly to the incline gradient. Telescopic struts ensure optimal distance to the hull to avoid damage. They also ensure optimum spacing between the stairs and the hull, thus preventing damage, as well as ensuring safe stability of the multistair. The stairs‘ three lightweight elements mean that they can be secured easily in position, and the choice of length, width and number of steps makes these stairs fully customisable.