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Our eye-catching „Beach Arrangement“ is a carbon pavilion with a base area of 16 square meters, which consists of only five carbon parts and is therefore light, easy to dust and simple to handle. The roof consists of a net fabric, which is also used for sun sails.

The core piece on the ground is then a very light table or even whole ensemble of them. Made entirely of carbon, the piece of furniture weighs just eight kilograms and can thus be easily handled by a single person. The frame is foldable and mounted in a few simple steps, so that the transport dimensions are very narrow and the table can be easily stowed on board.

The surface of the extremely stable „Beach Table“ is made of clear carbon, although in most cases this stylish look will disappear under a tablecloth when in use. As a measure, multiplex currently manufactures two formats: 200 x 70 and 200 x 90 centimeters; the height is 73 centimeters in each case.