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… The multifender – individual, tailor-made solutions for your yacht

Based on the multifender modular component system, all multifender systems are produced according to individual requirements. This means that we tailor the multifender to all imaginable conditions so that it can be used in absolutely every location. The length and number of bumpers used is determined in line with individual requirements. To calculate this, we need to know the height between the top of the platform and the waterline, together with the height of the gunwale on the vessel in question. The placement of the articulated link, as well as the fender base itself, is then calculated using the expected final dead weight of the vessel. With responsible utilization, the multirollers are basically designed for vessels weighing up to 12 tons. With this degree of versatility, our multifenders – including the fastening systems – are fully customisable for your individual needs.